What Does An In-Home Nurse Do? Complete Guide

What You Should Know About In-Home Nurses

As you navigate life with an aging or disabled loved one, you find yourself looking for the best ways to provide them with the care they both need and deserve. There are many ways to provide them with this care. However, in most cases, an in-home nurse provides the most comfortable and safe environment.

What does an in-home nurse do? An in-home nurse is a professional caregiver who provides a variety of services within the client’s home.

From personal care tasks such as bathing to skilled nursing services, an in-home nurse ensures your loved one is safe and comfortable. Each in-home nurse caters their services to the client’s unique needs.

Because an in-home nurse focuses solely on your loved one, they are often able to provide a higher standard of care than would be given elsewhere. In this post, we will discuss some of the services that an in-home nurse can provide as well as a few of the benefits of this in-home care solution.

Duties of An In-Home Nurse

In-Home NurseBefore an in-home nurse begins to work with your loved one, they will conduct a thorough evaluation of their needs, abilities, and desires.

In doing so, they can create a plan of care with duties that will benefit and enhance the safety and comfort of their client.

Here are a few of the areas in which an in-home nurse can assist your loved one.

In-Home Nursing Care Services

In-home nursing care is an excellent solution for an individual who is healthy enough to remain in their own home but requires assistance with everyday tasks. By providing these services within the home, in-home nurses enable your loved one to stay out of a nursing home or hospital as long as possible. 

Personal Care Services

One of the most important aspects of everyday life is personal hygiene. Unfortunately, many personal hygiene tasks such as bathing and dressing become difficult as we age. In-home nurses can assist with these tasks as they see fit.

Some of the personal care services that an in-home nurse may provide include the following:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing & Grooming
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Meals & Medication Assistance


Personal care services play a large role in ensuring that your loved cane to navigate throughout their day with confidence. Grooming and personal hygiene are not only important to the physical health of your loved one but to their mental and emotional health as well. 

Companionship & Homemaking Services

Many in-home nurses also provide companionship and homemaking services. While many aging or disabled individuals strive to remain independent in daily hygiene tasks, chores around the house may be a struggle. 

Homemaking tasks such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, or errands around town may present a health or safety hazard to your loved one. An in-home nurse assists them with these tasks while allowing them to participate as much as possible.

Almost more than any other service, companionship is so crucial to our mental and emotional health.

Having a consistent relationship with an in-home nurse allows your loved one to feel like they haven’t been left behind, even if their lifestyle has changed. Companionship services are unique to each individual but may look like the following:

  • Daily Walks
  • Card Games or Puzzles
  • Conversation
  • Assistance with Letter Writing
  • Accompaniment to Medical Appointments
  • Fun Outings


Services like these should not be underrated. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to find an in-home nurse that not only can care for your loved one’s physical needs but their emotional needs as well.

Skilled Nursing Services

While a family member or friend may be able to provide some of the personal care and homemaking services, only a registered nurse should provide skilled nursing services for your loved one.

Hiring a registered nurse to care for your aging or disabled family member provides you with peace of mind knowing their medical needs are taken care of properly.

An in-home nurse can eliminate the need for frequent lab visits, doctor appointments, and other trips. This not only reduces the stress on your loved one but also allows them to receive care in a safer environment.

A few of the skilled nursing services that an in-home nurse can provide include the following:

  • Vital Signs
  • Visual Assessments
  • Medication Management
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Catheter Care
  • Infection Prevention
  • Blood Draws for Lab Testing


In addition to the medical services that a registered nurse can provide, all in-home nurses are CPR certified and have excessive first-aid training. This ensures that they will be able to appropriately handle any accident that may occur while your loved one is in their care.

Benefits of Hiring An In-Home Nurse

In addition to the many diverse services that they can provide, there are many other reasons to consider hiring an in-home nurse. 

Ensures the Safety of Your Loved One

When you have an aging or disabled family member, you know of the constant concern for their safety. An in-home nurse ensures their safety by eliminating dangerous tasks, supervising their daily routines, and having emergency medical training if the need arises.

This allows you to be at peace when you are away from your loved one, knowing they are in capable hands.

Eliminates Tedious Tasks & Allows You to Enjoy Time Together

Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves buried in tedious tasks related to the daily care of our loved ones. While this is a responsibility that we happily accept, it can prohibit us from spending quality time with them. 

By hiring an in-home nurse, you eliminate many of the tedious tasks such as meal preparation and cleaning, allowing you to spend time enjoying your loved one. Time is the one commodity we can never get more of – we must use we use each moment wisely.

Creates An Environment in Which Your Loved One Thrives

Unlike group living facilities such as nursing homes, an in-home nurse can create an environment that caters directly to your loved one.

In this environment, your loved one can thrive and excel. By meeting their physical, emotional, and mental needs an in-home nurse promotes the overall wellness of your aging or disabled loved one.

Provides Companionship & Ability to Participate in Society

The companionship aspect of an in-home nurse should not be overlooked. Additionally, many in-home nurses search for ways to help their loved ones participate in society. Loneliness and isolation often greatly impact individuals, especially those that have a sudden change in abilities.

By finding unique ways for them to participate and contribute, an in-home nurse ensures that they feel needed and valued.

When Does Someone Need In-Home Nursing Care?

How do you know if your loved one would benefit from in-home nursing care? Several conditions almost necessitate a professional caregiver. In these cases, a doctor or other medical professional may recommend in-home care.

Other times, you may begin to notice that your loved one is struggling with daily tasks or that you are worried about their safety. This is often a good time to bring in-home nursing care into the picture. 

The best way to determine if Broken Arrow in-home nursing care is an option for your situation is to contact a local company. They will be able to evaluate your unique case and provide you with options that are suited to the needs of your loved one.

Qualities to Look For in an In-Home Nurse

As you search to find an in-home nurse to care for your loved one, there are several qualities to keep in mind. Here are a few of the most valuable characteristics of an incredible caregiver.

Works for a Reputable Home Health Care Company

Although there are many in-home nurses available, it is important to hire a caregiver that works for a reputable home health care company. This will help you know that they have the qualifications and skills necessary to provide the care that is advertised. 

It is wise to read online reviews for several home health care agencies to learn from the real-life experiences of clients. You may also consider asking for home health care recommendations from friends, family members, or medical professionals.

Licensed, Qualified & Insured

Any healthcare worker that you hire should be licensed, qualified, and insured. Nurses that work with a home health care company should meet all three of these qualifications.

Meets the Needs of Your Loved One

Remember that your loved one will be interacting with their in-home nurse regularly. The nurse you hire must meet the needs of your loved one. This does not just stop at physical needs.

Ensuring that the in-home caregiver and your loved one enjoy each other’s company will go a long way in establishing a great relationship dynamic.

Clear & Convenient Communication

While there are many other qualities that an in-home nurse should exhibit, we will only cover one more. Clear communication is key when working with a caregiver. They will be communicating valuable information about your loved ones regularly. Because of this, you must be able to easily discuss their ever-changing needs.

Finding An In-Home Nurse in Broken Arrow

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