Skilled Nursing

There are many medical tasks that make individuals a bit squeamish. Oftentimes, aging or disabled individuals require certain medical care tasks. Some of these are able to be performed by anyone who has received the proper training. Other medical tasks require the assistance of a skilled nurse. Bright Home Health is proud to provide our clients with skilled registered nurses who are capable of providing a wide variety of nursing services within the comfort of our client’s home.

The assistance of a skilled nurse is quite valuable in pre- and post-op patient care. However, there are many individuals who require these tasks on a daily or weekly basis. Our team of caregivers is able to provide assistance, no matter the situation. 

Skilled Nursing Services

In many cases, an individual will be given strict orders on how to manage and care for a wound, disease, or illness. These directions can be overwhelming as well as time-consuming. This is where our team of skilled nurses steps in! 

Vitals & Assessments

There are many conditions and situations that require routine and consistent monitoring of vital signs. Although these can be taken and recorded by anyone with the proper equipment, a skilled nurse is also able to visibly assess their client as well. This provides the added benefit of catching a possible health concern before it becomes more serious.

Administration of Medicines & IV Therapy

Medication schedules are confusing for anyone! However, in many cases, it is crucial that the dose of medication be taken consistently and on time. Working with a skilled nurse to administer important medications eliminates the possibility of forgetting an important dose.

In addition to this, our team of skilled nurses is also able to administer IV therapy. This can save our clients from an exhausting trip to the hospital. In addition to this, receiving an IV at home reduces the risk of our aging or disabled clients becoming sick from another patient’s germs in the doctor’s office.

Wound Care

Would care is something that many people are uncomfortable with. It is crucial that a wound is cared for in the proper way to avoid infection or the spread of disease! Because of this, it is wise to leave this task to a skilled nurse. 

Skilled Nursing Professionals

At Bright Home Health, we work as a team to provide our clients with the high-quality care they deserve. Whether that be personal care tasks or more involved tasks that require a registered nurse, we have someone that can meet your needs. The members of our team believe that every individual is worthy of respect. This is especially important when it comes to delicate tasks that involve medical attention. Working with a professional caregiver and registered nurse in these situations reduces the risk of further medical problems arising. Bright Home Health is confident that our skilled nursing services, whether they are short term or long germ, will provide both you and your loved ones with a better quality of life. Contact us today to discuss how Bright Home Health can assist you!