Many aging or disabled individuals are relatively independent. There are many times where they are simply lonely or needing a companion. Bright Home Health is proud to provide our clients with companion and homemaker services that are perfect for any situation. From assisting in the planning and preparation of daily meals to simply sitting and enjoying a movie together, our skilled caregivers are up for the task.

Working with Bright Home Health to provide a companion for your loved one is also a great way to provide the primary caregiver with a break. Many times, the role of the caregiver falls heavily on a family member. Everyone needs a few hours to relax every once in a while! By working with a caregiver, you can relax without the guilt that your loved one has been left alone. 

Because we design a unique care plan for each client, our skilled team will work with you to determine what services are most beneficial. Doing so allows us to assess the areas in which we can encourage independence in the client and where we should step in and take over the more involved tasks.

Companion & Homemaker Services

Our many companion and homemaker services meet the needs of individuals of all levels of health and physical capacity. While many of our clients are still able to take care of the majority of their personal care needs, there are some tasks that are simply too strenuous. Our caregivers believe that is is important to assist their clients in accomplishing the tasks that are important to them. 

Companion Services

Loneliness is a common problem among aging and disabled individuals. In many ways, this leads to the deterioration of health, both mentally and physically. Our caregivers provide stimulating conversations, a partner for board games, or just a friend to walk around the block with. These simple past-times are very important to many of our client’s overall happiness. In addition to these fun activities, a caregiver is also able to transport the client to and from doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, or other local errands that involve driving. 

Homemaker Services

There are many individuals who simply do not have the energy to keep up with everyday tasks around the house. These tasks include light housekeeping, daily meal planning and preparation, and much more. A caregiver can assist their client in completing independently if they so desire. However, if the ability or desire is not there, a caregiver can complete each of these tasks easily and effectively.

Hiring a skilled caregiver from Bright Home Health for companion or homemaker services is a great way to maintain the independence of you or our loved one. In addition to providing company and a partner for fun activities, a caregiver provides practical assistance. Our caregivers are fully trained in CPR and first aid. Because of this, they also provide the added benefit of assisting with medical emergencies if they arise. Contact us today to learn about how our companion or homemaking services can improve the life of you or your loved one.