What Happens When Someone Dies at Home With Hospice?

As families and caregivers experience the loss of a beloved family member, it can be an overwhelmingly difficult time. Home hospice offers them the necessary support to help make this transition easier by providing resources that give insight into what takes place during end-of-life care.

They are committed to helping those closest to patients gain comfort in knowing they have done everything possible for their loved ones throughout this journey.

What Occurs When Someone Passes Away in the Comfort of Home Through Hospice Care?

When your beloved has passed, Bright Home Health provides comfort and bereavement support through its experienced interdisciplinary care team. Our caring professionals provide compassionate assistance to family members and other loved ones during this tough time.

With your selected Hospice Care Benefits, families are entitled to bereavement support from their hospice care provider for at least 12 months before the death of their enrolled loved one.

Hospice workers are committed to being as involved in the bereavement process as the family would like us to be. This can include assistance such as aiding in the arrangement of the funeral or spiritual support from a chaplain.

Areas Of Assistance That Can Be Available To You When The Time Has Come

Declaration of Departure

In the moments after a patient passes away, death should be officially pronounced as quickly as possible. This can be done by a doctor or Bright Home Health clinician, who will also need to fill out the necessary legal papers to certify the time, place, and cause of death.


Acting quickly is essential, as it will initiate the creation of a death certificate, which is required to address responsibilities such as life insurance and financial/property matters.

Ensure Your Wishes Are Protected By Verifying Advance Directive Documents.

End-of-life directives are essential for everyone so that their wishes can be fulfilled when the time comes. These legal documents not only provide insight into desired care but also include details on whether the patient wanted to become an organ donor.

It is thus critical to uncover these papers rapidly since donating organs requires immediacy in preserving optimal function at all costs.

Transporting Your Loved One

Before a patient passes, Bright Home Health is available to assist the family in selecting funeral homes that meet their preferences and needs. Even if a person has been enrolled with our home health for only a few days before dying, we will still strive to make choosing an appropriate funeral home hassle-free.

To ease the burden in these trying times, Bright Home Health can assist families who need help with body transportation and funeral planning. It is recommended that prior arrangements are made to alleviate any stress during this period of grief.

Can Hospice Care Notify Your Family, Doctors, and Employer Of Any Changes?

At Bright Home Health, we understand that informing those close to the deceased can be an emotionally taxing experience. Many times families request our assistance in notifying relatives and friends of their loved one’s passing. We handle it with great care and respect.

Additionally, family doctors will always be informed of the death by us as well; if necessary, our social workers are available to aid in communicating this news to employers too.

What If I Need Assistance When A Loved One Passes?

More than likely you have provided care for an extended period as your loved one’s health deteriorated. Chances are that you exhausted yourself both mentally and physically in the process.

If their passing was sudden, a feeling of shock and distress likely overtook you. Ultimately, this will leave any caregiver depleted beyond comprehension – spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and even physiologically drained from grief.

During this unpredictable and overwhelming period, there may be a great deal that you need to attend to. This will include some unfamiliar tasks.

To help make the journey smoother, our extensive resources offer accessible support options such as counseling and bereavement specialists. Lean into these services for comfort during your time of grief.

At Bright Home Health, we understand the emotionally tumultuous time that comes with saying goodbye to a loved one. We strive to be an invaluable support system for families and caregivers throughout the home hospice experience.

Our goal is to always provide loving assistance in any way needed during this difficult period of mourning. Bright Home Health will continue to extend our help even after the passing of your beloved family member or friend.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you and your family every step of the way.

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